Mar 11, 2019

E1: 3 Reasons To Listen To Cardboard Addiction & Design

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It’s the first episode ever of Cardboard Addiction & Design!

In this episode you’ll meet the host of the podcast, Robert. Robert’s been envolved in the gaming hobby for over ten years. He’ also dabbled in game design for a little over five years. Robert started the podcast because he wanted to the become a better game designer, in doing so he figured that others must feel the same way too. So he set out to create this podcast as a way for everyone to learn and grow as designers.

3 Reasons To Listen To Cardboard Addiction & Design

  1. You Are Part of the Show!

    This isn’t just a podcast; it’s a community of people looking to improve their knowledge of game design. Listeners are encouraged to send their questions and suggestions for topics. Robert will work to get the answers your questions and find guests to speak on the topics that you suggest.

  2. The Podcast is Focused Learning And Growing As Designers

    Each week Robert will bring you an interview with respected designers in the hobby as well as industry professionals. Together we’ll learn about design principals, game mechanics, and tips and techniques to pitch our games to publishers.

  3. Cardboard Addition & Design is a Weekly Podcast

    Every Monday morning you’ll wake up to the latest episode of Cardboard Addiction & Design. Start your week off right by listening on your way to work, school, or wherever.

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