Mar 11, 2019

E2: Designing Casual and Party Games with Niall Crabtree

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Episode Summary

In this episode Robert sits down with Niall Crabtree of Crab Studios to discuss designing games for the casual gamer. Niall explains why it’s important to streamline rules for the casual market and the need to limit the description of the key mechanic down to one hundred words or less. Niall further explains that a causal game needs to be intuitive to new gamers and should be easy to pickup and learn. Robert and Niall all also dive into the differences between playtesting a causal game with veteran gamers and people whose only experience with board games may be limited to Monopoly or Exploding Kittens. Finally Niall explains how simplifying existing complex games will improve your approach to casual game design.


Niall Crabtree

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