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Let’s be honest for a moment. While the podcast is always going to be free to you, the listener, there is still a cost associated with producing the show. From hosting cost, equipment, games to review, etc. the cost adds up. As a measure to offset some of the cost, I’m selling stickers of the Cardboard Addiction logo through Redbubble, as well as T-Shirts. Here are the sizes available and the cost in USD. I believe Redbubble sells these at an equivalent cost outside of the United States, but I could be wrong.

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Sticker Sizes


Shipping is pretty expensive for a single sticker, so why not buy multiples?

Cardboard Addiction T-Shirt #0


Now you can rock your support of Cardboard Addiction with this dope T-Shirt. “Zero To Hero” is the first in a series of t-shirt designs.

Sizes And Colors

Here’s a list of the sizes and colors available.

Note: Redbubble allows you to select White as a color, but this will washout the design leaving nothing but the photo showing, so in less you like that look you should avoid ordering white.